Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's Black And White And Yellow All Over?

Answer: My kitchen.

My black and white spoon art is finally done! Aside from a few temporary wall hangings, this part of my butter yellow kitchen has been bare since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. My mind could never settle on a "final" idea for this wall. (I don't know why I have trouble giving myself permission to change my mind.) Then the vision for multiple spoon silhouettes appeared. Of course! It's not really a surprise since I love black and white... and silhouettes. And thanks to dear H, they went up right away.

Traveling clockwise, starting at top left, they are: embroidered white spoon on black linen fabric, graphic paper spoon on white linen fabric, written recipe spoon on black and white polka dot fabric and tiny floral print fabric spoon on "vertigo" fabric.

To me, my kitchen finally feels finished. I guess when you're happy, you don't want to change your mind.


Anonymous said...

They look WONDERFUL!!
Great job!! Sometimes it takes a while to know what you really want and do it right! They look great, too!

marychild said...

Very Cute Diane. I still have LOTS of bare walls in my house; maybe I'll get around to decorating once the kids are back in school.

jen said...

How cute! I was just looking in the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog, and they have an adorable black, white and yellow nursery featured. I love that color combination. It looks so fresh and clean.

Vintage Mommy said...

Yes, you may add me to you blog roll--thanks!

The comment above was from me. :)
I forgot to sign out of the account that's linked to our family blog.

Missa said...

You are so incredibly crafty! Very inspiring!

Mir said...

Great mix of patterns Diane. (Where did you find the vertigo fabric? What a bold statement that fits in with the looping spoon shape just perfectly!) They look really good and I am happy you get to walk into your kitchen each day and feel that sense of accomplishment ... the kitchen is finally done!

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