Friday, April 23, 2010

Toddler Shirt Refashion: Add Spring Roses!

We all need a basic white t-shirt... but what happens when you already have one? Add roses of course! This one is for my daughter, but I definitely see one heading to my closet too.

I took a couple of thrifted sheets (pink and white), cut imperfect concentric circles and fray checked 'em. Then I scrunched them a bit and stitched them together. Finally, I added pearls.

Girlie perfection!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recent Thrifted Finds: Jane, Charlotte and Polka Dots

Thrifting has paid off once again... I found a Jane Austen biography along with a novel about a Jane Austen fan. (These will be added to the 10 copies of Pride and Prejudice in my collection.)
A miniature mug for my miniature girl...
For $2, a full 3 yards of turquoise polka dot fabric, because a certain mini girl has renewed my love of all things dotted...
Lastly, this bright skirt for spring. Red is usually not my thing, but I'm trying to mix it up... and look at that scalloped hem. Love it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anthropologie Inspired Chair Re-do

From brass and gold to gray and yellow glory!

This chair belonged to my mother. She had it back in the 70's, when brass and gold velveteen were magical. At least I thought so as a kid. Mom gave me the chair because I couldn't bear for her to throw it out.

My original goal was a sunny yellow spray painted chair with a gray and white reupholstered seat cushion. First, I primed the chair gray. Then, I stopped and stared. It was perfect.

After some searching, I found the yellow and white polka dot linen fabric at this etsy shop.
Next, I pulled together some yellow piping with thrifted bias tape and string.
Insert string and stitch.
Then, I pinned the dickens out of the two pieces of fabric with the piping sandwiched in between.
With a little help from my staple gun, the chair is complete. It reminded me of...
this bed from Anthropologie.

The chair is going into our master bedroom, which has been a gray-and-yellow work in progress since January. This was my first attempt at reupholstery (start small!) and sewing piping. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forest Friends Mobile

Since my daughter and baby son share a room, I decided on a forest theme for their room. All the walls are white (we're in a rental) the furniture is white, but there are green and brown accents with deer, polka dots and some stripes.

Henry needed to look at something more interesting. So, about a month ago, I started working on these felt forest friends. Five minutes here and ten minutes there... it's finally complete.
First, I freehand cut out some woodsy shapes (two of each). Then I started stitching. I left a small opening to stuff with felt scraps before I stitched these mini-pillows closed.
Next, I assembled the rest of the mobile supplies: a thrifted embroidery hoop, some ribbon and a D-ring from an unused belt.

Finally, I stitched the small ribbon to the tops of the creatures and tied them to the hoop. The brown polka-dotted ribbon was wrapped around the hoop to cover the bare wood. I cut three strips of ribbon to hang the mobile, folded the top ends over the D-ring and stitched in place.

Henry smiled. So did I :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tuna Can Pin Cushion

Finally, I had the perfect excuse to make a tuna can pin cushion... I needed a hostess gift. It's simple, yet adorable. Here's what you'll need to make one:
an empty tuna can, a felt strip (or paper or ribbon), a circle of fabric at least twice the diameter of your can, stuffing (such as polyfil or fabric scraps), scissors, glue, a needle and thread.

First, adhere your felt, paper or ribbon to the outside of your can. Fold over the top edge of the can for a clean look. Let dry.
Next, sew a long running stitch around the edge of your circle of fabric. This will be your gather.

Stuff your circle. Gather tightly and stitch a knot to hold the cushion's shape.

Run a bead of glue around the inside rim of your can. Place your cushion in the can. Let dry.

Embellish with ribbon, buttons, ric rac, etc. Or not.

Sometimes beans or rice are added to the bottom of the can for weight, but since I did not have a tall cushion, it wasn't necessary.

Easy and totally customizable. You're done!
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