Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have always thought of myself as someone who loves colors. And I guess I do, they just happen to be black and white. February was "flu month" at our house and so crafting took a back seat to getting everyone well. But, I did manage to turn out a little cross stitch pear silhouette. (Pears are yummy.) It was then that I realized there is a silhouette trend in my home. First, there was the sketch I made a few years ago of my scottish terrier named Silhouette. (It is inspired by Picasso's "The Dog".) Secondly, last year I cut a silhouette of my 4 month old daughter, Charlotte. A great deal of help was received from this book by Kathryn Flocken. Lastly, I have returned to cross stitching. Only, I didn't want any of those kits. It had to be original... and apparently black and white. (I have more in the works.) Now that I know I have a collection, I'm going to have to add to it. And sometimes things really are just black and white.

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