Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update: I'm Here

Without a doubt, an update is overdue. Forgive me, I've been working on kicking cancer in the hiney.

Before I go on, I must say a giant "Thank You!!" to all of you who have left comments of love and support. It means more than I can express. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Your words have encouraged me many times over.

How am I doing? Great! I am currently at the tail end of 6.5 weeks of radiation therapy. I've been given incredible care at multiple hospitals with amazing staff.

At the end of last June, I had a bilateral mastectomy. Surgery went great. However, they did find that I had two different cancers, in two different places. Imagine that! Unfortunately, it had spread to my lymph nodes on one side. I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer. Chemotherapy began at the end of last July.

I cut my shoulder-length hair as a transition for the kids. Sort of a "get used to Mom looking different" cut. About a week after my 38th birthday in August, when a clump of hair felt out, my husband shaved my head. If only losing my hair was the worst of it... Due to the severity of my reaction to the medication, my doctor felt it was best to end my chemo treatments in October.

After a month out from chemo, I began to feel human again. I then began radiation therapy just days before Christmas. Although fatigued, I'm feeling great. Happy to be spending quality time with my husband and children again. Thankfully, we had friends and family, most traveling in from out of state, on a constant rotation from June through November. We can't begin express our gratitude for the constant help and care that was given to me and my children. The Lord has brought many, many good things out of my cancer diagnosis.

The kiddos are 4 and 1 now. My hair is growing back (a spikey pixie). We are all looking forward to a better year. A year of time spent together. Being well. Most importantly, we are thankful to God for carrying us through this difficult season of life. He has never, no never, left my side. Deuteronomy 31:6. Hebrews 13:5.

Words of advice: Know Jesus. Eat well. Listen to your body. And if you hear the word "cancer", fight like a girl!
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