Monday, June 7, 2010

Breast Cancer

Recently, I found out that I have breast cancer.

In my mind, I've debated about whether or not to share this sad news with you. I cannot tell you the sadness it brings me to share sad news with others.

This is supposed to be a crafty, thrifty, look-what-I-had-fun-making kind of blog. Not a journey-through-surviving-breast-cancer blog. Though I may not blog about it, I plan to beat it.

My goal is to live. To live for my family and my children (ages 3 1/2 and 6 months).

On the horizon, I will have a double mastectomy. I will proceed with chemotherapy.

I may disappear from my little blog here, for a while anyway. My focus will be on recovering and moving forward with life.

God has showered my life with blessings. This is not just empty "Christian-speak"... it's the truth. I can clearly see how, starting several years ago, He set our discovery of this disease in motion. We are grateful.

If you wouldn't mind, would you please say a prayer for me and for my family? There's a bit of a bumpy road ahead.

Thank You
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