Monday, March 3, 2008

Wake Up Call

This evening, I caught part of "The Royal Family" tv special. Fascinating. I learned that when the Queen of England stays at Balmoral, her alarm clock is a bagpiper who strolls the grounds playing his tune at 9 a.m. sharp. Sign me up!

If I was Queen, surely, wires would get crossed and I'd be shocked out of slumber with bagpipes blaring next to my bed. The piper would sense the dismay due to my chest clasping and labored breathing. He'd respond promptly with, "Oh, was this supposed to be outside? My bad." He'd get away with it though because everything sounds better with a scottish accent. True. We have a family friend from Scotland and I could listen to her read aloud my cell phone manual. The whole thing. And I'd be smiling.

Maybe I'll just aim for a bagpipe album in my cd/alarm clock. Perfect way to start the day. That and a spot of tea.

1 comment:

casch said...

. . .and I could read your "essays" for days on end. I still think journalism / story telling should be your vocation...AFTER "Mom" of course! You are a good Mom and a good story teller. Please never lose either.

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