Saturday, March 8, 2008


Awake with ideas again. Sat down at the computer to make a list, surf, be inspired, clear my head and eventually go back to bed. Not quite sure how I ended up at this blog, but I laughed until I cried. (Please click on the link and read the above yellow "To-Do In What's Left Of This Lifetime". No it's not mine.)

See, I've always been a list maker. My first memories of being "found out" were in high school. I created a new to-do list every day. It included things such as eat dinner, ask mom about shopping this weekend, record song from radio and set out clothes for tomorrow. I'm not sure why I felt I might forget to eat dinner (since we ate as a family) or that I might wake up panicked in the morning without a pre-planned outfit, but I did. My friend caught me mid-list-writing and asked me what the heck I was doing. Frozen, my eyes were like saucers. Didn't everyone make lists?? I started a Christmas list... in May. I had a list on my closet door of the clothes that I hoped to purchase (including a green suede skirt - it was the 80's.) And believe me, I loved crossing things off of a list. For us hopeless listmakers, there is a huge sense of accomplishment when something gets crossed off that list. If it's not crossed off, it can become a dreaded "carry over".

Mini journal. That's how lists are described. Since I never really get around to journaling, (although it always makes the list) I suppose it is a way to keep track of life happenings. Routine or not. I had a list of 'Things To Do In This Lifetime' when I was in college. All I can remember now was "shear a sheep". Which I still haven't done. But, I'm pretty sure that I need to make a new list.

I no longer write every mundane detail in my lists. And now sometimes I forget to eat.

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casch said...

Maybe you get the "listmaker" title from your Mom. I know she has a spiral notebook that she writes some of her ideas, things to do and trip info. You might also get your late night sleeplessness and inspirational ideas from your Mom. I know the same has happened to her.

I tried to leave a comment the other night on your blog and it didn't like me. It seems to have changed its mind today.

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