Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's An Elephant In The Room

It takes a long time to make an elephant... 22 months if you want the real thing. 2 1/2 days if you'd like a silhouetted cross-stitched version. (I think they're both worth the wait.) Recently, I watched the Unforgettable Elephants documentary. They really are amazing animals. Intelligent. Caring. Strong. Tender. I mean, a person knows they have witnessed something remarkable when they see a baby elephant running, trumpeting or nuzzling mum.

It got me thinking to one of my favorite childhood stories. The Saggy Baggy Elephant. I grew up in the days of records. Real vinyl records. Most of my records came in read-along books. In my room, the record player would give a dramatic voice to the storybook in my little hands. As I followed along, a chime would sound when it was time to turn the page. It was magical. And while, as I would say it, "The Saaag-gy Baaag-gy El-fa-nunt" is no longer available in the 45 rpm form, it is the classic story of a dancing elephant. In high school, anytime I wore nylons (ugh) and they bunched up at my ankles (double ugh), I immediately mumbled to myself through pursed lips, "...saggy baggy elephant, Diane."

As a child, that elephant story kept me company many afternoons. Now, I have a sweet curly- trunked, stitch-y version. For you, I wish that there will always be an elephant in your room.


casch said...

. . .and I just know you wore out the record AND the book! It was only ONE of your favorites!! You were always a reader.

G. R. said...

A very nice elephant indeed.
You must be older than you look, because I remember the saggy baggy elephant book, too.

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