Monday, March 24, 2008

All Things Blue

Here are the latest editions to my hair accessories. All are handmade by me. (F.Y.I - felt ponies are $3 a piece and bobbies are $4 a pair.)

This color of blue has been on my mind. It's such a bright happy color. But, also peaceful. I couldn't resist the white bird of peace as the latest to my birdie collection. The picture may not do the color justice as it's more of a bright turquoise than a royal blue, but you get the idea. And a girl can't have too many bobbie pins, right?

Actually, there are a lot of things blue that make me happy. Just to name a few: blueberries... smurfs... and sapphires. What blue things make you happy?

1 comment:

casch said...

Blue is one of my very favorite colors, always has been. My granddaughter has blue eyes!

The shade of blue is lovely!

I want to order some, I will call you next week.

Keep up the blog, I enjoy it!


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