Thursday, March 13, 2008

Darling, Danke Schoen

Since being bitten by the cross stitching bug, I knew I had to do this. (Trace Germany, pin to fabric, divide into thirds, stitch!) It's for my husband (H). Since he loves all things german, and he has recently returned to relearning german, (I think I frequently do that repetetive similar sound thing, only it's not on purpose - consciously) I thought that he might like this. (He does.) Memories were awakened about living in Germany as a child, earning metals on volksmarches and enjoying schnitzel.
* sigh* Gift complete.

In my mind, this silhouette of Germany could not remain all black... well, it would just look like a psychotherapist's ink blot. No good. So, what better way to identify Deutschland than with it's flag? More country silhouettes must be on the way because I can't keep my hands off atlases. Oh the colors, shapes and travel destinations!

Can anyone tell me what that rhyming repetitive language sound thing-y is called? (So eloquent.) Hopefully, because it's unconsciously done, it won't require deciphering from a therapist.

(Edit: rhyming, repetetive language thing-y is alliteration. Thanks everyone!)


meridiansmom said...

Um, Alliteration maybe? That's for the Peter Piper Picked a Peck similar sound thing... or Assonance - The Rain in Spain falls Mainly on the Plain... repeating vowel sounds.

Cool cross stitch! :)

casch said...

Glad you go it finished, and it looks GREAT!!

I'm enjoying your blog!

G. R. said...

Love the needlepoint. Yes it is alliteration. We have a lot of Volksmarch medals, and I am sure some of them are Chris'

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