Friday, April 18, 2008

"V" Not For Vineyard

This is my most recent embroidered monogram. It was a gift for a dear friend, Vickie. It, too, came from my book. The monogram is on linen and mounted in a 4 inch hoop.

This should work well in Vickie's home, due to the grape theme. I also learned that the girl can refinish furniture like nobody's business. What can't she do?? (She's a wife, mother, school teacher, business woman, refinisher, all-around organized.) Another lesson in accomplishments in a friend that I can aspire towards. I think that is why we have the friends that we have. There's always characteristics in our closest friends that we hope to attain for ourselves. At least, I think that's what makes a friendship great - the inspiration to be better in some regard. Those friendships have contributed to how I've learned to be a better mom... a better wife... a better person. So...

Thanks, friends.


marychild said...

I have really let "friendship" slide the past few years as I feel that wifehood and motherhood have demanded so much of my time and attention. I miss having close friends who are supportive, and as you said, inspirational. Someone you admire and respect and enjoy... I agree that friends are important in shaping who you are- I really need to make an effort to reach out more! Thanks for the thoughts...!
And, your embroidery is impressive. I just don't have the patience embroidery requires, but my mom sure did, so there's a little soft spot in my heart for embroidered things b/c they remind me of her.

casch said...

This is not just pretty, it's beautiful!! Good job!

I'm sure your friends see qualities/traits in you they aspire to also. I know I do.

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