Monday, April 7, 2008

"S" not for Superman

At least I don't think Superman would care to have his "S" hand embroidered, curly style, on linen. Actually, I made this for our home. I'm pleased with my first attempt. There are so many more that I want to try from my new book. When the Compendium of Ancien Artistic Initials for Vintage Style Monograms arrived, it felt like my birthday. Characters, emblems and fonts... Oh My! Where to start? So. Hard. To. Choose.

To me, anything embroidered just feels better. Similarly, my father always said that food tasted better on nice dishes. So, occasionally, we'd pull out ma's good china and light a candle on the dinner table. He was right! Meatloaf, yum. But meatloaf on china, de-li-cious.

Maybe I should hang a bunch of monograms in the kitchen, and when I burn dinner, no one will notice!

{Edit: The monogram is on a five inch hoop.}


G. R. said...

Love the "S" How big is it, it is hard to tell from the photo. I see you have linked to my photo blog and Miranda's blog. I know she has a link to my photo blog. I think that my photo blog is not appropriate for links to yours, but my family blog would be a good place to put a link. What do you think?

Mir said...

So nice Diane! I think your letter turned out so nice and I love the use of linen! If you had these all over your kitchen I would most definitely be distracted from everything else! Jim and I had a hectic weekend, but thank you for your kind message and I do look forward to seeing you soon. Oh, and I bet that book has some "L"s ... and I have a birthday next month (hint, hint) :)

casch said...

I really like the "S"! You've done a really good job on it. How about one long one spelling out the baby's name and framed for her bedroom wall? I know that would be a big project, but one she will treasure especially as she gets older. Either way, keep up the good work, it makes me even prouder of you.

marychild said...

Hi Diane,

I found your blog through the link on Miranda's, and as crafty as you appear to be, I must know: Do you scrapbook?


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