Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreamy Dress

Well, that might be a stretch, but the dress is made from a pillowcase. It's my first clothing creation. And it's for Charlotte. I have sewn many a curtain, but never clothing. It's an itch that I finally scratched.

(Please forgive the poor photo quality, these pix were taken at all times of the night and day.)

Made from this pattern, it started out as a thrift store find. Mmm, nice and soft.

Only problem was that the design ran horizontally. None of the original seams could be used, so it came down to just two squares of fabric.

I pinned. I hemmed. I put in french seams on the side. Oh, and in between all of this was a lot of sweat and tears. My grandmother's sewing machine is super, but hasn't been used in a while. (Grams has been gone 15 years.) The bobbin thread kept breaking mid-seam. The machine needs a tune-up. Note to self: it would have been faster to sew the whole thing by hand. And there would have been less crying. (Ever feel like you just don't know what you're doing??)

There is a casing along the front and back with elastic. No problem. There is double-edge bias tape along the armscyes. Problem. Pins are helpful, but having a wide foot and feed dog for a narrow bias tape is torture. And then there was the thread breaking... After a trip to Ma's house to just finish it up already, it is now wearable. As Charlotte grows, this can morph into a shirt when worn with shorts or pants. I'm loving it. C can't yet tell me if she likes it. I'll have to teach her the baby sign for "Thanks for the dress, Mommy. I love it!"

Prediction: More pillowcase dresses in our future. And now that it's done, it seems like it was all just a dream.


casch said...

This is adorable and you should keep it always as a reminder of the love that went into~~oh yes, the love, sweat and tears also. Perhaps like the old time Holly Hobby dresses. You will cherish it and so will she.

katie trott said...

So very cute! I love the pillowcase fabric, such great colors. And we all have cried. Sometimes sewing can be a dream, sometimes a nightmare. But when it is finally finished, you have climbed the mountain! And you can say, look what I made! And how great it is to make it for your daughter.


meridiansmom said...

What a cute dress! Great job!

I've only done pillows and curtains too... my mom has her machines out all the time in her sewing room so mostly I just pass stuff to her. "Meridian's going to be Hermione, she needs a cloak, mom!" LOL It is a very handy skill to have as Charlotte gets older too. Nice work!

meridiansmom said...

Oh, and if you ever need to serger something, just call my mom! :)

marychild said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE! You're a Martha Stewart in the making. Call me when you're ready to patch 8 pairs of knee holes in Gage's jeans!!!

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