Sunday, April 13, 2008

Christmas in April

This photo is copyright to Martha Stewart.

Isn't it lovely? Based on this apple, I had to have Martha's Christmas with Martha Stewart Living - Decorating For The Holidays book. She offers so many amazingly big ideas, but I like the small detail of a decorated apple. This will happen at my house for Christmas. After all, we know I'm probably not going to get around to ice sculpting a dog (page 15) or making a gingerbread gothic cottage (page 82) - although it's stunning. But glitter coat some walnuts and almonds (prettier than you think) - I can do that. Or make some sparkly pinecones, count me in! I think I just like the word sparkle. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Yup, I do like that word.

I also purchased the companion Christmas with Martha Stewart Living - Craft and Keepsakes For The Holidays. This one shows me how gild a bowl (page 54) and make orange-sable dough (page 77). I think I just gained 3 pounds reading the recipe. It also gives me the step-by-step guide to remake the snowglobes for Charlotte's past birthday. Only a few of the favors turned out well, as I didn't use Martha's glue. Most of this information is probably available on her website now because the books are 9 years old. But my, new-to-me, treasures are from the thrift store. These books were never even used because they give that little craaaack when they're opened. Now that's a pity.

No matter how you feel about Martha personally, that girl can craft.


marychild said...

I am a HUGE Martha fan- she is in a "domestic creativity" league all her own!

I agree; the sparklely apple is a, festive, and elegant.

I must know what thirft store you are finding these treasure in. Very impressive!

casch said...

You get lots of inspiration everywhere! Enjoy your book of ideas! Someday you may have a book of your own with YOUR own craft ideas in them. You could do it and I know it.
I know you did macrame when you were quite little.

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