Saturday, April 26, 2008

PBK Spies

These little bun-buns hang in Charlotte's room.

When I was trying to decide how to decorate the nursery, the toss up was between birds or bunnies. Bunnies won out, for now. But since we call Charlotte many pet names, including Little Birdie, they may show up in her room some day.

We created her soft green room, with pink and white accents, almost two years ago now. The wall art was easy-peasy. Scrapbook paper and a bunny silhouette. I found three 8x10 frames on clearance at Target for $1.10 each. Cut, paste, voila! Shortly thereafter, Pottery Barn Kids came out with these:

And Charlotte also has pink and white toile crib bedding. Was someone reading my brain waves??

Later, I did her 4 month silhouette. I thought about doing it in pink, to match her room, but I stuck with traditional black and white. Now, PBK came out with this:
Last year, I started Little Birdie (my crafting biz). I made felt ponies, including my pink bird.

Now, PBK has the Penelope bedding collection:

I love it. But, it's just eery. Right? Is it possible that Pottery Barn Kids has some sort of satellite link up to my nursery cam? There are spies, I tell you, spies.

If they come out with a vintage collection of "Charlotte" pillowcase dresses featuring birds, or even little black scotty dogs on them... well, I'm disconnecting that cam!


marychild said...

Wow! That is a crazy sequence of coincidence's!

Very cute decor by the way.

G. R. said...

I strongly believe that there is a collective force, and that creative minds often think along similar lines. I have been taking a lot of bird pictures myself, so do not worry. They are not spying upon you, or Charlotte. Your work is very nice, good, no, terrific.

casch said...

. . .but you have such good ideas, why wouldn't they want to steal them?!

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