Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifted Clothing For One Week

There are some who say good clothes can't be found at a thrift store. They want name brands, clothes that fit and/or are the right style. I am here to show you that all of those things can be, and are, found in thrift stores. I've put together a whole week's wardrobe from my recent thrift store purchases (and a few new items).

I have a specific style right now... tunics, cardigans, leggings - all in gray, brown and black. I love the ability to reach (nearly blindfolded) into my closet, pull out three items and have them work together. No matter what.

I have great difficulty finding what I want at a conventional store. I almost always find items of clothing when I thrift. Take the above outfit, for example:

tan tunic sweater dress $5
navy Land's End cardigan sweater $4
gray leggings $6 new
white fur scarf $2
navy leather purse .55 cents

Outfit Total = $17.55

black tank dress $3
gray cardigan top .55 cents
black leggings $6 new
mustard yellow scarf $2 new on clearance

Outfit Total = $11.55

navy dress $4
white t-shirt - already owned
gray leggings $6 new
plaid scarf - made by me in the last post

Outfit Total = $10.00

perfect condition gray cashmere sweater $3
gray Banana Republic wool blend lined skirt $10
teal ruffle scarf - gift from this friend

Outfit Total = $13.00

khaki green skirt $5
white t-shirt - already owned
Forever 21 white sleeveless lace up shirt .55 cents
khaki green cowl - made by me here

Outfit Total = $5.55

beige tunic sweater $5
beige skirt $4
dark gray leggings $12 new
tan basket weave purse .55 cents

Outfit Total = $21.55

white tunic dress .25 cents
beige skirt $4
leggings $12 new
white crochet cardigan sweater $3
light blue pashmina - already owned by me

Outfit Total = $19.25

Regardless of your style, I know that your local thrift store has something for you. Enjoy your search!


Missa said...

Haha, you know you don't need to convince me!

It's such a great go-to outfit both for ease and comfort as well as style.

Some wonderful finds here. I'm super-duper coveting the beige tunic sweater with the pockets in front!

casch said...

Very cool!! Great job thrifting too! Great "stuff"

simplebeauty said...

I so truly LOVE all of your outfits!! Me thinks that a good day of thrift store shopping needs to be planned very soon.

I just love the leggings. I've started buying them and wearing them to work all the time. The only problem is that my feet FREEZE since it has been so cold here. But soon and very soon Spring will come and I won't be so cold any more :O)

thanks for sharing your awesome finds!

Jamie @ Bungalow Bee said...

Take me thrifting!! I've never been and I'd really love to go with a pro! Sorry I never wrote you back...I really meant to but I get at the computer intending to do something and get totally distracted. Then I remember to write you at the most inconvenient times (like when I'm driving!)

I hope you and your sweet family are feeling better. Please email me when you're free. Next week I have something going every single day but the week after that looks free! Excited to see you guys again!

Rebecca said...

Great outfits!! The thrifts I frequent are really expensive with their clothing, known labels or not. You did a great job!

Mary Child said...

Diane, every outfit is seriously SO CUTE, and I love the gray, black, brown color scheme also. I actually wear a lot of black and brown myself (I hear that's reflective of political conservative views)!

I have had a lot of fun thrifting; Janae and I spent an entire day thrifting in San Francisco last October, and it was one of the best days I've ever spent in the city. It was so much fun, and I have to say, rich people in the Bay Area throw out some NICE stuff!!!

I still say that you have a talent though! Thrifting for me is not always fruitful. I'm very impatient, and usually buy all my stuff off the Kohl's clearance rack with my "take an extra 30% off entire purchase" coupons!

You always look amazing, and these outfits are indeed impressive thrift treasures! Well done! :)

Mary Child said...

Oops, I meant to type politically conservative views... Sorry, I'm sleep deprived! But since I'm commenting again, say Hi to Chris for me, and give those two adorable children a hug & kiss from me!

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