Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plaid and Lace Ruffle Scarf

For months I had a vision of this scarf, but no time to make it. Then, a month ago, I made it but had no time to post it. Time's up!
Using homespun cotton, I cut two sections of navy plaid in 19"x 36 1/2" rectangles. I then sewed them together, using a french seam to seal any frays, creating a 19"x 72" rectangle.

Next, I hemmed the edges.
Then I sewed a long running stitch down the middle (without backstitching to secure it) and pulled one thread to create my ruffle. I wanted the length of my scarf to be 36", so it's got a lot of ruffle.

Next up was applying my vintage thrifted lace. I used a multi-stitch zig zag to attach the lace, to the center gather, with nearly invisible stitches. One seam down the middle and two more - one along each edge. *Note: I used scalloped lace which requires you to line it up evenly on both sides before stitching. It would be much quicker to use a straight trim.

Final product... a ruffley, lacey scarf. So far, it's been very versatile. I can see changing up the colors a bit and wearing this right into the spring.


simplebeauty said...

I love it!! It seems very Scottish to me.. But I love it!! Another great idea.

casch said...

It does look a little Scottish, and I love it. It's even prettier in person though.

katie jean said...

It looks cute Diane! And it does look really good on :)

Danielle said...

You made it to One Pretty Thing!!!! Good for you Diane!

Missa said...

Plaid, lace, and ruffles all rolled into one versatile scarf... brilliant!

G. R. said...

I think the look is very much Seattle. I do believe you were misplaced in California. I believe you will find, in the future, that your move will suit your life and your family.

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