Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Outfit

So I snapped this pic as I was walking down the hallway tonight (thus the poor quality.) It's a shot of my new khaki green thrifted coat. The price was a steal, at half off, for $3.50. It's lined and in brand new condition. I was already wearing an army green colored sweater, then the khaki jacket... so I decided to quickly (seriously, like 3 minutes) make a matching cowl/neck wrap from here. (These would make great gifts!) Did I mention that I love green?

This is the second pair of jeans I've worn today. Unlike my daughter who changes her clothes, on average, 7 times a day, I try to wear only one outfit.

But a colicky baby can have other ideas. After burping him, my low back felt damp. Somehow, my baby managed to spit up on the back of my jeans - under my sweater, which was dry. Maybe we shouldn't have named him Henry, but Houdini.


Jamie @ Bungalow Bee said...

What a talented baby! As always, LOVE what you've made. Oh, I'm about to email you.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love it! I'm so glad you linked up, it really is an easy project :)

lera said...

Cute outfit. The fleece cowl is a good idea.

I've drenched to my skin before with barfy babies, through several layers.

Mary Child said...

Diane! Oh my gosh, first of all, I love the coat, and WHATA BARGAIN!

Secondly, I FEEL YOUR PAIN on the little girl who changes her outfit 7 times a day! I've got TWO of those in this house.... AHHHHHHH!

And lastly, I'm so sorry to hear that Henry is colicky; that is SO HARD. Gage was a really fussy baby too; he had to be held at all times and it was really stressful and exhausting! We got a baby pack when he was a couple of months old, and I could wear it on my belly OR my back, and that helped a lot. I could cook and do dishes and fold laundry while he was on my back, and vacuum and put things away while he was on my front. Maybe you guys could try a baby-pack and see if it helps?

Good luck! We're thinking about you and sending good wishes your way!

P.S. The slipper booties- SO CUTE!!!

simplebeauty said...


I think that you must know where all of the BEST thrift stores are :O) What a wonderful jacket!!

A lovely, fashionable, thrifty, and talented momma!!

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