Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boring Ol' Clean Floor

Yes, this is a boring picture of my clean kitchen floor. I've not been the craftiest of gals lately. Sometimes, day-to-day life takes priority over therapeutic craftiness. So, I'll show you what I've been up to instead.

My floor was in dire need of sweeping and mopping. Within 1 minute of sweeping the floor, there were 17 crumbs of hot pink play-doh under one chair. After re-sweeping, I got out my spray bottle and a rag and got to work. My floor hasn't sparkled in a long time - thus this picture. It's proof that it was clean, once.

I use vinegar and baking soda to do all my household cleaning. No need for expensive, chemical-infused cleaners when a spray bottle of half white vinegar and half water will do the trick. I believe that Martha is a fan of cleaning with white vinegar, so who am I to argue with a walking domestic dictionary?

Since I am not a big tv watcher, it's rare for me to catch Martha's show (is it still on??) It was tough for me to watch her back before Charlotte was born. I can't get over the fact that she pronounces the "h" in the word herb. It makes me shudder. After all, she's not british. Even I don't pronounce it this way when I'm talking to myself (see #5 of this post).

Right after I finished mopping my floor on my hands and knees, I wrangled the dog and my daughter out of the kitchen and got distracted. My face felt dry due to recent windy weather. I went into the bathroom and smeared lotion all over my face, before I realized that I hadn't yet washed my hands after cleaning the kitchen floor. I guess if vinegar and water are good enough for the floor...


simplebeauty said...

Oh I love this post!!! I once decided that the only way to get the floor clean you HAVE to get down on your hands and knees and use the old fashioned elbo grease. I'll admit I don't do that often enough in my parents house...Anywhooooo.... So when you clean it is just vinegar and water? I'm going to have to try this. The older I get and the older Butterfly gets the more I realize I don't like all the chemicals. They are nasty!

I love your boring clean floors!

Danielle said...

I love your boring clean floors as well! I also get down and scrub...mops just don't cut it! Do you use a microfiber cloth? Love those!

As for the "vineger lotion"...not sure the vinegar is very moisturizing. Hehehe:-)

G. R. said...

Martha is a good thing. Your floor looks lovely. But what are you doing on your hands and knees? You should be using a mop. I add a little drop of soap and a little lemon to my vinegar and water. Use it to clean up pet stains and get rid of the smell.

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