Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Triple Thanks

A couple of months ago, I was reading Cider and Faun when I stumbled across an offering. Andrea was giving away some tea she could no longer drink. I dropped my name in the bucket because my husband is addicted to Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings. She recently sent me a box of Candy Cane Lane and a huge bag of Mighty Leaf loose tea plus some postcards and a bookmark of her art. Her delightful etsy shop is located here. Thank you, Andrea!

Another special thank you to the Jane Austen fan writemeg for featuring one of my Pride and Prejudice bracelets on her blog here. You can also check out her etsy shop here. She crochets ipod covers, scarves and more!

And finally, thanks to Deusprovidebit for including my vintage orange napkins from acornpudding in their Impromptu Tea post.

It's a joy to connect with other tea-drinking Jane Austen fans. Thanks everyone!


Megan said...

Thanks so much! :) Keep making beautiful pieces!

Missa said...

I love her art, very cool!

Terry said...

i love both of your shops!an enjoyed cruising through your blog...thank you!

Danielle said...

Very exciting Diane!

Mary Child said...

I've not been blogging as much so I'm a little bit behind...

Your "book" bracelets are very cool Diane- how fun to have your own one-of-a-kind idea take off like that. I can't even imagine how excited I would be if something I created became advertised on someone else's blog! How fun and congratulations to you Diane!

Also, I have heard about the white vinegar and water thing, but I'm afraid to give up my Pine Sol. I know the vinegar thing is way healthier and way more environmentally friendly... it's just hard to believe it can be as effective. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try! And pronouncing the "h" in herb makes me shudder too!!! (You are so funny)!

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DEAL WITH PLAY DOUGH! I am a TERRIBLE mom because I have banned it from the house. I can't handle the mess. Now that Gage and Ivy are older I will let them play with it if Livy is napping, but that's it. Toddlers and play dough DO NOT mix in the Child house! :) One more bit of proof that you are an AWESOME mom, Diane!

Great to catch up with your blog- I'll try to drop by more frequently so as not to leave novel-length comments anymore!

P.S. I'm still smiling from the phone call last week. YAAAAAAYYYYYY! :)

pomegranates said...

you are truly most welcomed!!

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