Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm And Thankful

This is me.
This is me in the hallway.
This is me in the hallway wearing my new thrifted sweater.
This is me in the hallway wearing my new thrifted sweater and the scarf that I thrifted for my husband.
I stole it from him.
I was cold.

The sweater was $2, but it was a 50% off sale day, so I snatched it up for $1. (What you can't see is the perfect scalloped edging on the hem.) After seeing 'the sweater I've been looking for forever' on the rack, I jogged over to my mother to show her my treasure. She was chatting with another thrifter.

"Mom, look at this great sweater I found!" I said.
"Wow, that is nice." she replied.
The fellow thrifted smiled, then beamed really, and said, "I just donated that sweater last week!"
How often do you get a chance to thank the donator of your new favorite thrifted item?
I never had.
But I did.

(That's Charlotte running by in the corner. She never slows down, not even for pictures.)


simplebeauty said...

What a wonderful bargain!!!
I personally believe that two year olds only have two speeds. Fast and faster!!! I asked my little one the other day when she was jogging through the living room, "Can you go faster?" I just was wondering, I didn't think she could. SHE WENT FASTER. :O)

Have a great weekend!

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Oooh, I love that sweater! Very, very cute! I'm currently knitting a scarf for my mom but I think I pulled the yarn out of the wrong end because about every 2 feet or so I have to spend an hour untangling the yarn so I can continue to knit. Very frustrating and really I'm just irritated at myself! :)

casch said...

Lovely thrifted sweater~the scalloped edge really is the frosting on the cake, even though it doesn't show in the picture. How could you capture Charlotte~~she is always a blur!

Patty said...

Scalloped edging would have put me a buying mood too. And I love that scarf. That's funny that you met the sweater's former owner at the thrift store. You know, I usually take my self-portraits in the bathroom because of the mirror but reading that you were in the hallway made me realize there are some other spots with mirrors in the house that I could pose in front of for pictures. Thanks, Diane!

lera said...

What a cute story!

katie trott said...

how great! I stopped by 3 of the roseville thrifts on Saturday with my #1 son. I was bummed that I didn't find any great fabric. But it did feel so great to get out there!!

Rebecca said...

Neat! Such a cute sweater. And the knit scarf looks great! I have a bad habit of donating to the thrift store and then seeing my donations in the store and thinking "Hmm, I have one of those at home, should I buy it and have a matching set?" LOL

Jenny said...

How funny!

Mary Child said...

Diane, I am just getting caught up on all your posts- the sweater is a treasure, the deodorant concoction is quite interesting (I'm too lazy to change though; I've been using Secret since I was 12), and the Sunset magazine post made me laugh out loud, because I just subscribed to it! Only $10 for 12 issues? I couldn't pass it up, as I had remembered my mom receiving that one. I just thought I was a sucker for nostalgia, but now I can't wait for the added perk of getting my own personalized Senior Citizen offer!!! And just days before my 34th birthday!!!

Great blog Diane! I really miss blogging every day, but I have been able to get caught up on the house and other aspects of life during this past month of once-a-week blogging... Thank goodness for the social connection that these posts provide though! I love keeping up with everybody, and I feel so enriched by all the different perspectives out there. Plus, you are always so upbeat, it's nice to read your blog for the uppers! Have a great day Diane!

Missa said...

That's so great that you met the sweater's former owner, it's lovely! I have a couple of similar vintage cardigans, a white and a cream one, with scalloped hems :)

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