Monday, January 12, 2009


My daughter is currently obesessed with owls. She likes saying "owl" and pointing to owls. (We're not alone.) Nearly every book she owns has an owl lurking in it somewhere. And she knows the exact page for each owl - in this book, and this one and this one too.

This morning, she kept drumming the word into my brain until I just had to create one. Out came the Michael Miller fabrics and some wool felt. She knew immediately. My daughter pointed to my machine and said, "Sew!" Yup, mommy's gonna sew you an owl. So she began to say "owl" more frequently - if that's possible.

When it was finished, she hugged her little owl and said, "Mama owl." Almost makes me want to sew about 15 more owls. Almost.

Edit: I still can't decide whether or not this is a scary-robotic-looking owl...


Danielle said...

That is so almost two year old is in a choo-choo stage!

casch said...

What an adorable owl! And I'll just bet you he "HOOT"s a lot. You know, as in "OOOT" and he's more huggable than mine! Love him.

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Cute!! You're such a good mom!

Sweet Annabelle said...

I love Mamma Owl - and do think about making some babies and a nest of pillows for them all!

One of my sons was just terrified of owls when he was little, and told long stories about the "Whoo-Howl" outside his window.


simplebeauty said...

Oh I love this story. Isn't it neat how they pick up on things that they like. It just shows how special each child really is! My little darling is going through a "little mommy" phase. I was putting up my ironing board to iron my slacks and she found the iron (thank GOD it was not HOT!) and brought it to me. So I found her a little ironing board and iron of her own at Walmart. She wanted to take it with her through the WHOLE HOUSE!!

Well I just really enjoyed this post and how creative you are to make her a very special "mama owl"

Patty said...

It's not robotic looking at all. I like it! You totally need to make an entire family of owls now.

Katie Trott said...

Diane! I love the owl :) C is such a crack up, I can totally see her doing this!

And your owl turned out so cute too. I have been wanting to make some myself for quite awhile now too. But there always seems to be something else to make!

Missa said...

Haha! What a fun story, that's so cute and I don't blame her, owls are such amazing creatures! Yours turned out awesome, you should definitely make a whole family of them :)

Clover stopped with the "wowls" and now I can't get her to say it again, she's moved on, oh well ;)

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