Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Poo

This is my shampoo and conditioner. Yes, for my hair.

For years I have struggled with oily hair, daily shampooing and switching shampoo to keep my hair "confused". Turns out that I was the confused one. Shampoo and conditioner were the problem. I went no-poo. I'm never going back.

Honestly, I didn't think it would really work. I enjoyed my hair smelling like a pina colada. But, I was willing to try going no-poo for two weeks. There was trial and error involved (I needed more baking soda per washing and acv every other day.) Without harsh chemicals, my hair is no longer being stripped. My hair actually stays clean longer. Here's the bonus: I'm saving money too!

How do you go no-poo? I've found a couple of links for you here and here.

There is no lather with baking soda, but that's a good thing. When the acv is rinsed out, the strong smell goes away. My hair is actually soft without a store-bought conditioner! It's a better, natural alternative for my daughter (whose former baby shampoo had anesthetic to make it "no tears".) I use a parmesan cheese shaker for the baking soda and a squeeze bottle to mix my acv conditioner with warm shower water.

It's easier than you think. I'm going on 10 months strong!


casch said...

hhhmmmm! Sounds interesting! "We" used to use plain dry baking soda and brush it through dry hair ~ on those people who could not get in the shower.

Sounds like it's worth a try to me!

Patty said...

I have never ever heard of this but it sounds very interesing.

meridiansmom said...

No shampoo, no conditioner??
You crazy kid.
Oh, the money I could save... hmmm

Danielle said...

Wonderful post Diane...this is on my to do list (too many bottles of shampoo in the closet to go cold turkey)! I had seen these links before but lost them.

Also glad to see that you have been doing it for 10 months!

I changed over cleaning supplies and fabric is shampoo and laundry detergent!

marychild said...

I don't know if I could make the leap to no-poo! I'm very intrigued though. I can't believe you're happier with baking soda and vinegar... have you converted Mir?

Vintage Mommy said...

Very interesting! Ten months, huh?

JulieT said...

I LOVE this idea and will try it soon. The ingredients in shampoo have always bothered me. Even shampoos from the health food store have junk in them. Did I tell you I am also changing from toothpaste to plain old baking soda? Yay cheap and natural stuff!

Anonymous said...
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