Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bunnies Need Pillows Too

My daughter has been climbing on top of our bed, sinking back into our pillows and staying there. Sometimes for minutes at a time. This is truly a feat of mammoth proportions when you're talking about a toddler. She acted like she wanted her own pillow. So, I purchased a super soft travel sized pillow, then I dug out some thrifted supplies. Using 20 cents worth of $1 thrifted fabric and 25 cent thrifted iron on velcro, I got to work.
After measuring the pillow, I cut the fabric to size with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, plus 3/4 of an inch in the length for the no-sew velcro. 20 minutes later... Bunny got to try out a pillow.

Then another bunny tried out the pillow. She now carries it everywhere. For less than 50 cents, I made a pillowcase that matches Charlotte's bedding. And her size :)


Danielle said...

Isn't it fun to do special things for others! I have always loved when my little ones realize everyone else has a pillow:-) It is such a treat for them to receive one of their own!

Love the bow in her hair too!

Mir said...

She is just so sweet. I wondered about when she would get a pillow. I think it is cute you made it pretty!! Good mom.

casch said...

Ithe pillow is cute but she's cuter. Good job on both counts!

autumn's darkroom said...

Very sorry, but someone tagged me and I had to pass it on. See my blog for more info, or just ignore this :)

marychild said...

Look at those blue eyes- she is SO CUTE Diane!

How can someone as crafty as yourself, with such an adorable little girl, NOT scrapbook? Aren't you a little tempted?

Missa said...

Oh how I long for the day when Clover will lay her head on a pillow for MINUTES at a time! I find it exciting when she just leans back and sits still for 15 seconds but minutes you say... something to look forward too.

Your little girl is such a doll Diane, great job on the pillow :)

Vintage Mommy said...

So sweet! Bunnies DO need pillows. :)

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