Friday, October 31, 2008

DIY: New Window HTML Code

Hang in here with me for a minute.... HTML code to me, is like trying to learn the russian language combined with math, while wearing a blindfold. I'm probably not gonna get it. However, sometimes I need it to do things.

If you have a blog, this should prove useful to you. If you link to another site, from yours, readers can accidentally wander away on the net. They usually want to finish reading what you have written, therefore, they would appreciate a new window opening for that link. To create one, here's what you need to do:

Copy the following code somewhere easily accessible: target="blank"

Type your post as usual, set up your link, then enter the dreaded "Edit HTML" area of your post editor. Find your link. It will look similar to this:


Insert your new code between the end quotation marks (") of your link and the end bracket (>).

It should now look like this:

href=" target="blank">website

Your readers will thank you. Well, subconsciously anyway. If you mess up, your computer will not explode. Just delete the link/sentence/paragraph and start over. Be sure to test it. Be sure to save it. You can do this.


Danielle said...

Yikes...I'm with you on the russian math blindfolded thing:-)

This is good information to know...thanks for trying to put it in English!

I'll have to give it a try later today!

Mary said...

Cool. Thanks. :) Now all I need to know is how to get a cool design for my blog. Oh yeah, and how to insert a link properly. lol. Cut me some slack though, I just learned how to center my posts about 2 months ago.

marychild said...

I don't think I can do this. I have a phobia of all things technological!

So, sheer aprons weren't for lingerie purposes?! ;)

Patty said...

I've always wanted my links to open in a new window. I think there might be a way to do this in the blog's html so you wouldn't have to do it every time you post. But until I find out how to do that, this will do. Thank you!!!

Patty said...

And, this reminds me that I like when there's a separate window for comments.

casch said...

I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the instructions, you make it sound easy, but I have a difficult enough time just posting to your blog!

Missa said...

Thanks Diane, this is really useful. I'll try it out on my next post :)

Vintage Mommy said...

Sounds like something I should look into...

By the way, I did wanted to join your tea swap, but I think I have the potential to be one of those flaky swappers who bows out at the last minute. ;)

Mary said...

Thanks Diane!
I saw Patty discussing the code on her blog so I came over to see what it looked like. I definitely saved it in my notes for the future.
Mary :-)

Elizabeth said...

I've always used this code. Another positive is that if someone clicks away from your blog and goes about on the net, they are still technically at your blog so it increases the time visitors are staying on your counter and other record keeping tools.

meridiansmom said...

Fantastic! I remember reading that you knew how to do this (last year, lol) and since I'm creating my own blog for when we move I was SO glad to know where to glean this information! It makes me crazy when a link in a blog navigates away from the blog ~ Thanks a ton Diane!

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