Friday, September 26, 2008

Add 'Cobbler' To My Resume

Grandma purchased some happy pink dress-up shoes for our girl. Problem was, when C tried to put them on, her foot wouldn't fit under the strap. She has the sweetest, pudgy feet. But, oh, how she wanted to wear those shoes!

Out came the scissors, 3/4 inch elastic, superglue and a needle and thread. Snip snip, glue glue...
Now we have a girl who is clip-clopping her way around the house.

As moms, we have many titles: Giver of Hugs and Kisses, Local Emergency Nurse, Composer of Non-Rhyming Jingles, On-Demand Narration Story Teller, Amnesiac, Senior Creative Food Consultant, Food Cajoler, Vicious Nightmare Repeller, Shepherdess, Tired Little People Carrier, Lost and Found Monitor, Amateur Ultimate Fighting Referee, Insect Elimination Technician, Last Minute Costume Designer, Laundry Stain Removal Specialist... and now, I may add Plastic Shoe Cobbler to my list.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! They look so great!! I am so pleased to see them on her chubby little "feets"~~she must be a happy camper, er, should I say ~ happy little lady! She is ALL girl!

lera said...

LOL! Plastic shoe cobbler.

What a great idea!

(Oh, I forgot to tell you in my last email that my friend commented on the candy corn post and she mixes salted peanuts with candy corn and it tastes like Payday bars. We ate it last year and I forgot all about it until her comment! Good stuff.)

marychild said...

Go Diane! There seems to be no end to your resourcefulness; I bet Charlotte is thrilled. Impressive mommying (the shoes are ADORABLE by the way)!!!

Missa said...

Wow, I knew you were a woman of many talents, but this is quite the resume indeed! Nice job saving the day on the shoes!

Vintage Mommy said...

How precious! You're such a good mom.

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