Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Another Day At The Office

(Photo courtesy of forbes.com)
When I was a little girl, I wasn't much about dolls. My friends would buy me Barbies for my birthday, but they never felt fresh air on their plastic little faces. I wanted to play "office". (There was no Michael or Dwight as I ran a one-woman office.) My happiest times were spent with outdated calendars brought home by my parents at the year's end, 3 ring notebooks, pens of all sorts and paper, paper, paper. (Maybe it was the beginning of Dunder Mifflin!) In fact, the play kitchen that my parents bought for me was used to store my office supplies. The orange refrigerator was my library and the olive green oven held miscellaneous files.

Why would I want to pretend to cook fake food and feed a bean bag baby? There was a broken blue phone with push buttons waiting to answered with "Landers Insurance Company". Yes, I was CEO of my own car insurance company. Landers was my 'business' name. I can still remember insuring my imaginary client on his 1979 brown Celica (see pic above).

I've worked in several offices since I was four years old. Several real ones. And I've met Michael (he was my boss) and of course, a Dwight. Even though I never made it into the glamorous insurance world carrying a briefcase secured with a 3 digit rolling combination lock, I'm happy. Maybe because now I play with dolls. In my office, er, kitchen. I make them using my broken blue phone, uh, sewing machine. It took me growing up to find out that dolls can be a lot of fun. Even more fun than a '79 Celica.

A special thank you to Thrift Candy for being my first esty customer. Missa is an excellent bargain hunter and has more style in her pinkie finger than I have in my whole body. I hope that Missa's daughter enjoys her new doll.


Anonymous said...

What a cute story! It's surprising how many girls don't play with dolls and then collect them when they get "older"!! Bet you never thought the word "older" would be used on you!

I clearly remember the office "tools" and office "furniture"!!
Even then, you didn't want to be a secretary~oh no, the CEO!!

Missa said...

What a charming post! I always loved playing office too, although I played with dolls as well, so I guess I was kind of like a working mom. Now of course I'm a mom whose not working. Funny how that works.

Minya has arrived and she's AWESOME, SO adorable! I'm saving her until Clover's birthday but I'm sure she'll love her (although just to be on the safe side, maybe I should get her some office supplies too ;) Thanks for the kind mention!

Dy said...

A lovely revelation,so well told. I agree that not all little girls play with their dolls. Bev and I were more prone to play cowboys and indians with all our boy cousins out in the shelterbelts in North Dakota. Shelterbelts are numerous rows of different trees planted to shelter the buildings on the flat prairie from the wind and snow of winter. However, when we reached middle school age we miraculously discovered all those dolls we had been given -at the age when most girls are growing away from doll play. So, to this day I like dolls and your dolls, Diane, are great! I, too, enjoy them.
Love, dms

marychild said...


I have been so preoccupied with my own busy life since getting back from vacation that I am just now catching up on the blogs I've missed out on the past 8 days, and I have missed so much!!!

I LOVE the story (I TOTALLY played office too; I remember my dad giving me those expandable folders and envelopes, and I even talked Jimmy into being my secretary a few times) and you're right! It's full circle! Now you're the businesswoman playing with dolls!!!

Diane, seriously, I wish you the BEST of luck, and CONGRATULATIONS on getting it going! It takes a lot of grit and follow-through to make things happen, and you're SO resourceful in being able to use your talents to make a little profit and still be an at-home mom for Charlotte, the person who needs you more than anything and who you will most inspire....

I bet Chris is so proud of you; I hope it goes SWIMMINGLY and that I WILL see you on Oprah next year, once your operation is so big that you have to employ people and move to a factory!


I also wanted to thank you for all your supportive and uplifting comments on my blog; they are very much appreciated and it makes me feel so much less alone in the world to see a friendly remark! Thanks for your friendship Diane, and all because Jim & Mir hooked up, or we never would have crossed paths!!! Crazy, small world this is!!!

Patty said...

I was just thinking about playing office the other day. For some reason, I was remembering these play phones my sister and I had that rang if you pushed a button. We had old date books from my dad and I remember setting up appointments for people who called in. Thanks for reminding me of some happy times. :)

katie jean said...

You are so cute! Playing office, and it being an insurance company! Such good memories.

And I'm glad to hear that your etsy is going so well!

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