Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wooly Sheep and Warm Legs

My daughter and I made wooly sheep this morning. She calls them "lamb-ees". We found the idea through One Pretty Thing. She has wonderful crafting ideas for kids amongst all her gatherings from around the internet.
First, we gathered up some scrap yarn, an empty cardboard box (yes, I'm an official Washingtonian because I finally got some Ugg boots) some clothes pins, paint, brushes, glue and scissors.
Paint the clothespins black... along with the faces of the kidney bean shape you cut out of the cardboard. Let dry. Next, pinch the clothespins onto a glued area at the bottom of your bean shape. These will be your legs. Finally, clip one end of the yarn under one leg before the glue dries and start wrapping. Keep wrapping the yarn until your sheep is as fluffy as you'd like... or you run out of scrap yarn.

Ta-da! Sheep! I left their faces plain because I sort of like the amish look. But, you could add eyes, ears, a tail... etc.

Also, since Henry decided to nap a few days ago, I was able to whip up four more pairs of baby legs for Charlotte. I was sort of disappointed in the heart socks from Target as they frayed after just one wearing. But, they are still perfect for Valentine's Day.
Now to the laundry and dishes... ;)


G. R. said...

Very nice sheep. I might take that idea to the blue line for a Saturday art activity. (If you don't mind.) And we do want to keep Miss C warm on those cold Seattle days.

simplebeauty said...

Oh this is such a cute idea!! I just love it. I just told my coworker about it so that she could do it with her little ones too! She thinks they would make nice keepsakes for Grandparents.

I think I will try this around Easter!

Have a great day! Stay warm in your UGGS :O)

Jamie @ Bungalow Bee said...

Super cute!! And I LOOOVE the leggings you made for Millie. They're precious. I hope Henry is feeling better!

casch said...

Very adorable!! Charlotte will look so cute in the leggings, and I KNOW she will love the lambies!! I don't know how you find the time to do these things, but more power to you. Did you get the dishes and the laundry done though? :)

simplebeauty said...

Thank you for the prayers. I love how the hand of God has placed so many amazing Godly Christian women in my life to learn from and to stand in prayer with. Thank you for being my blog buddy!!

Kerstin said...

Don't know how I found you, but glad I did. LOVING your blog! Great work. I'm a new follower

kerstin @

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