Saturday, January 30, 2010

No-Sew Fleece Scarf

Another great scarf tutorial was found through One Pretty Thing -- this time from Creative Jewish Mom. This one is for Charlotte. She chose chocolate brown and lavender fleece. (Sorry for the terrible photo -- I blame it on these overcast Seattle days!)

It's a super easy, no-sew scarf that I made using fleece scraps, scissors and masking tape.
First, take two pieces of fleece in 1/2 the width + 2 inches of your ideal scarf width, and in the desired length. Tape a line 2 inches in from one long edge on each half. (see pic)

Now carefully cut even strips 1.5 cm apart down the length of the scarf.

Next, tie two strips together - one from each half. Make each knot the same (i.e. - right over left, right over left).

Finally, wrap around your neck and be warm!


casch said...

PICTURES!!! I want to see a picture of her wearing it! It's cute as can be.

meridiansmom said...

OK, now that's something I might actually be able to do!! LOL Super cute! (and I *just* found the fabric store here...)

Danielle said...

I have this tutorial bookmarked as well ;-) I love all the little bows!

Danielle said...

have you seen this??!?!?

Mary Child said...

I continue to be amazed and impressed with your creating and crafting.

The wooly sheep and baby legs in your last post are SO CUTE! And the scarf- very nice.

How fun for Charlotte to craft with you; I'm sure she loves every minute of "mommy & me" time.

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