Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

No, I didn't win this Martha Stewart Crafts Stocking Kit in Vegas, but over at Rebecca's blog Thrifty Goodness. She hosted a giveaway when posting about her crafty day making Christmas banners. (Check 'em out.) I correctly guessed which banner was hers, and jackpot! Thanks Rebecca!

Lately, Charlotte has been pulling down the dog's Christmas stocking and trying to wear it like a thigh-high boot. I should hang this Martha stocking near Silly's stocking so C's not stomping through the kitchen monostockularly. Did you like that made up word?? I can hold my own at Balderdash :)


casch said...

The one Christmas stocking walk should be adorable! Did you take pictures? Inquiring minds want to know!

Rebecca said...

LOL! We used to play Balderdash, it was so much fun. I was pretty good, too.

Glad you like the stocking! That Martha makes some fun kits!

Happy holidays, let's do a swap in 2009!


Rebecca said...

Whoops! I tried to comment and then SHAZAAM! Something weird happened. Hope it went through!

Happy Holidays!

Missa said...

Ok, if monostockularly is not already in the dictionary, it SO should be! Awesome.

G. R. said...

I have never played Balderdash, but it looks like fun. Is that what you would call an educational toy? I guess a monosockular person would be making them from monofilaments.

Anonymous said...
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