Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Really Not Rednecks

This does not work on Christmas tree branches.
This only sort of works. Yes, it's duct tape. On our Christmas tree.

We bought the biggest Christmas tree this year. It was impossible to pass up - only $10! Our tree is 8 feet tall - twice the size of our usual tree, but only one quarter of the price. We didn't have to traipse through the woods to get it. Nope, it was on an actual lot where all the trees were the $10 flat rate.

Our tree is full, lush and green. But, as we were lifting it into place, a branch snapped. Not just any branch, but one in a prime location... eye level, down front. It would leave a huge empty spot, so I pulled out the super glue. It failed. At last resort, we pulled out some duct tape and, well, stepped into redneck territory for a few minutes.

I keep worrying that someone will blink near the tree and down the branch will tumble. So far, so good. But please, nobody sneeze!

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Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

That looks like a tree worth saving! And for $10! Great deal! No one will notice the duct tape - and you only have about a week and a half before you can take it down anyway! :)

casch said...

Evidently NO ONE can notice it~Chr's MIL didn't!!

Sweet Annabelle said...

The duct tape makes the tree extra special and memorable! $10 - what a deal - and NO TRAIPSING! Awesome!

Katy said...

Ahahahahahahaha!!!! That is tooooooooo funny! You should email this post to the makers of that book "1000 uses for duct tape"...LOL! Now it can be 1001!!! ROFL!

G. R. said...

And a lovely tree it is too, fit for an Angel (Miss C.)

P. S. Please be sure to check that pesky limb so that it doesn’t become too dry.

C Maisy said...

When all else fails....duct tape it :)

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