Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

This screenshot is from my latest inclusion in a treasury, put together by leahkl . I'm very honored when an item is chosen to be mixed and matched for a collection of goodies. Thanks Leah!

It may appear that I've abandoned ship here, but I have not. I've been reeeeally busy making things for the shop. Many sellers are still shipping in time for Christmas delivery, so if you're still shopping - you might try browsing Etsy. You may search by color, items, theme, person, new, vintage, etc. The possbilities are endless.

Here's a peek at my last treasury (expired):
Hope this helps a few of you stumped gift-givers. Merry Christmas!


casch said...

Wow! Congratulations on being in yet another treasury!! Way to go!

Patty said...

Yeah, that's really great! I would love to buy something. I promise I will as soon as I go back to work (which may be happening sooner than later).

Mary said...

I feel so behind on blogging. I LOVE the snowman towels (Buttons! How cute is that?)...

The underwear story seriously made me laugh out loud!

The only thing on my Christmas list so far is something no-one can give me.

TIME! I want more time in my day!

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