Friday, July 4, 2008

Emergency Surgery

This is my daughter's blankie. And we had fraying. Serious fraying. We needed blanket sutures. Stat.

Out came the needle and thread for a speedy, sweat-inducing procedure... all while Charlotte wailed. She watched in horror from the opposite side of the baby gate. I think she believed that I was killing it. At least this crying would be the last of it. Several times, we found her crying with a chenille thread so tightly wound around her tiny digit that it had to be cut free. (The thread, that is.) I could procrastinate no longer. She'd have to part with it for at least 10 minutes while I made repairs to each corner.

Charlotte is quite attached to her blankie and digs her chubby, little pointers into it's corners while soothing herself to sleep each night. All went well with the procedure. There was minimal thread loss. We expect a full return to soft soothing abilities without delay. Aaahhh, modern stitchery can work wonders.


Mir said...

Wow! What a great job you did fixing her blankie! I hope Charlotte continues to pull at it and you have to fix it many more times ... it will give her "special friend" such a rich history to share with her when she gets older! I hope you had a great Independence day! It was great to see you!

G. R. said...

Is this the blankie we know? It seems bluer than I remember. It is good for a mother to take care of these little "surgeries."

Anonymous said...

. . . and the more Charlotte wailed, the longer it seemed to take you to fix it! You did a great job, especially under such stress.

lera said...

That looks just like a blankie that my #4 son was completely attached to as a child. It was very soft. I think his started to fray a bit, too, before we took it away from him.

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