Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Southampton Rosette Tunic Apron

My latest creation is this light canvas tunic apron, bespeckled with rosettes. It's perfect for picking berries and apples.... or just trying to keep your clothes free from spit-up, crumbs, cooking grease and laundry detergent drips. And with the linen pockets, you'll always know where your pen/kleenex/cell phone/lip gloss is located.

I've long been in search of just the right tunic apron. Remember this one? Only this time I used a real pattern. Vintage McCall's M5551.
In my attempt to get a fresh, anthro-inspired, outdoor pic of the new apron, you can clearly see that the only item difficult to see is the apron itself. Booo. At least I missed the rain by 20 minutes. Instead, I'll just tell you about the chocolate brown linen dress that I thrifted for $5 and the apple basket for $3.Here's a little close-up of the sweet print. It reminds me of Jane, so I've named it the Southampton Tunic Apron. They probably pick berries in Southampton, right?
This is headed to my shop soon, along with the tote and some other goodies in the works.

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casch said...

Yes, I certainly do remember the other one. It was cute too.

This is adorable and I love the sweet little design.

simplebeauty said...


I think this apron is darling and that you are so very very talented.

Thank you for your kind encouraging words!! Usually I am pretty upbeat but then sometimes I forget that it is okay to have a not so upbeat day , so then I hit my little wall and cry and pray ("splat"). Thank you every so much for the prayers. Today is a much better day :O) God bless you and your sweet family today!!

Sachiko said...

Very pretty, and the picture is beautiful. Thank you for linking to my party!

Rebecca said...

It's so cute! And I immediately thought Anthropology when I saw your photo!

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