Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet My New Apron

In looking for an apron pattern, I came across this link for 56 apron patterns that you can make. In my mind's eye, I knew exactly what I wanted. But, as my mother can testify to, I've always had a vision which then has to be sought out. (Growing up, this "vision" usually applied to formal dresses, which in turn gave my mother a headache.) But, I'm pretty sure that I do it with almost everything. I know what I want, I just have to find it. Exactly it. This tunic apron top was swirling in my head, then bingo! I found the "pattern" here. Only, it turned out not to be a pattern. If cut as shown, it doesn't quite add up. Inspired and not deterred, I enlisted the help of some crinkly pattern-type paper, scissors, pins, tape, a pencil and said mother-with-a-headache-who-testified earlier. A new pattern was born. Using a vintage pillowcase just thrifted, I set to work. (I may have been too late for the Pillowcase Challenge, but kudos to Katie Jean who kindles the fire for future pillowcase creations.)

Poor lighting here, but it shows the contrast of pattern to pillowcase. A little snip here and a little bias tape there....button hole and voila! Happy little pillowcase apron. It's not your typical apron because standing at my kitchen counter, I rarely spill anything below the waist. Us shorter type folks spill above the waist. Come to think of it, I should probably call this a bib apron and wear it when I eat cereal too.Here's the easy, one-button, backside view. I see more pillowcase aprons in my future. And pockets, definitely contrasting pockets. For all the little crumbs and sticks and such that my little brings to me. She's a giver.

Oh, and it matches my sunny yellow kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Well, I know about the headache stuff! But as usual you pulled it off! You always did! I love the apron, and yes, it was a headache too, but worth it in the end. All I can say is "Good Job!!" It looks great and now it will be easier to make me one!

marychild said...

Diane, with all your domestic skills, you would have made a great Mormon!!!

I am very impressed at the level of your homemaking skills....

Way to inspire the rest of us!

Danielle said...

cute CUTE! love it! love the yellow. :-)

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