Monday, October 5, 2009

Delicious Celery Soup Recipe

Ok, so I'm momentarily out of my slump and ready to post an amazing find... celery soup. I know, I know, it doesn't really sound that exciting, but this is truly delicious.

I'm not a celery girl, but my husband is a celery guy. So, after visiting the local farmer's market this weekend - and coming home with mounds of produce - I needed to utilitze a head of celery. (Can I just tell you first that I'm still giddy about buying 15 pounds of butternut squash for .50 cents a pound?!)

This recipe jumped out at me and I dove in. It was so good that I had seconds... then half of thirds. Here's what you'll need: celery, onions, apples, garlic, parsley, chicken or veggie stock, milk and olive oil. I followed the recipe exactly and can't recommend it enough.

My husband likes chunky soups and I prefer pureed soups, so I made both, at the same time. I just dished up his bowl, then fired up my new hand blender and pureed mine (thus the pic of two different bowls of the same soup.)

Here's my cost breakdown: We purchased two heads of celery for $1, a bag of onions for $2, five pounds of fuji apples for $2... So, for a family of three, this will feed us for two meals. Our per meal cost is roughly $1.75 - for two adults and a toddler!

Mega bonus: it's healthy. I'm positive that we'll be revisiting this recipe even after my strict diet comes to an end.


kristilea said...

That's a great price for a meal! I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it, but ya never know! I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I tried a new chicken tortilla recipe last night, and 5 out of 6 people liked it, so I call that a winner!

casch said...

Who would have thought of Celery Soup??!! It does sound good though and I do believe I will be trying this very soon.

Danielle said...

Um, I don't think I would have tried that in a million years. Celery, onion and apple!?!?!? Very interesting combo. You do have me curious. I think I would have pureed it as well... no one in my house would have tried it chunkey. Glad you liked it...wish I could stop over for a spoonful to try:-)

Diane said...

I know it sounds kinda wonky, but it's now one of my favorite soups! And I never usually eat celery.

shell said...

Sounds interesting!

Missa said...

I think it sounds yummy and I just bookmarked it to try. Thanks for the recommendation. Such perfect soup weather we're having too!

bamboo gazebo said...

looks delicious
will it be

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