Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Miranda

These monogrammed ponytail holders were a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. They measure 1 and 1/4" wide and were hand embroidered on linen by moi. She almost didn't get a matching set as I freehand embroidered both of them and those tiny stitches had me intensely... well, tense! But she is worth it. Miranda is a wonderful person, trusted friend, dedicated teacher, talented artist, devoted wife, beloved daughter, loving sister and cherished auntie.

The best gift is that she likes them. Happy (belated) birthday dear Miranda.


Katie Trott said...

these are so cute! Can I give you some fabric scraps to make custom ones for me?

Anonymous said...

You are quite talented and PATIENT! You can tell you think highly of your SIL! I know she will appreciate them.

Mir said...

Hi Diane!

I have read this post several times but always on the run (and I am once again on the run - but I had to reply before the post gets lost behind a new post). I LOVE MY PERSONALIZED HAIR TIES!! I know the amount of effort that went into making them and the design is SO CUTE!! Thank you so much for the effort and for a great birthday!

Diane said...

Yes, I can and will make custom ponies. They are the same prices as my premade ponies. $4.00 for a large pair, $3.00 for a small pair and $6.00 for an embroidered pair. Fabric can be picked up, dropped off or mailed!

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