Monday, May 10, 2010

Personalized Washer Necklace

Last week, I made this washer necklace for a friend, for Mother's Day.
After a quick trip to the hardward store, where I found multiple sizes of washers, I picked up the necklace clasps and rat tail satin cord at my local craft store. I already owned the metal letter stamps and a hammer.

Then, I set to work on the concrete. Eleven washers later, I was happy with how it turned out. (Never attempt making these necklaces with a curious toddler at your side!)

There are about 10 more necklaces that I want to make, but I'm not sure the city of Seattle has enough washers for all of my mistakes! But, I think they're just too cute not to try, try again.


Danielle said...

OOOHHHHHhhh! I really like it! Well worth the 11 washers;-)

I just bought washers to do a necklace too. Mine will be covered in scrapbook paper... When I get a free afternoon!

I like your new profile photo!

Danielle said...

I forgot to say that I like the necklace against that green... makes me smile!

Jamie @ Bungalow Bee said...

I agree - those are SO sweet. What a great idea! :)

casch said...

You are just too clever! Love these!

Grandma Shelley said...

Awesome, Diane! I love these necklaces!

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