Monday, August 3, 2009

A Birthday Dress Or Two

For my birthday, my husband ordered the japanese sewing book that I've been dreaming about. Isn't he the best?! Here are some highlights:
Tunics, pants, purses...
scarves and skirts. This book has it all - except english. I'm hoping that the step-by-step photos speak the international language of "you can really do this."

The rest of my dear family gave me fabric store gift cards. Yay! I have been aching to sew. There are plenty of items in my queue, but without a doubt, some of these dresses now top the list. I'm trying to get prepared for the next whole hour that I feel well, so I can make it to the fabric store.

Thanks to all my loved ones for a very happy birthday :)


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

What a wonderful gift...except for the no English part:-) Love fabric shopping! Praying for TWO hours of feeling good for a really good time of shopping!

Danielle said...

Just followed the did you choose! So many options!

casch said...

Glad you had a great BD! The book looks like you could have LOTS of fun with that one.

Perhaps you need someone to take your darling little girl off to a tea party or some such thing for a couple of hours!! (hint, hint)

Whatever will Grandma do with 2 precious, precious bundles?!

Missa said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Also, I just came across something you might like. Check out the catalogs here:


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! That was nice of your family to get you fabric store gift cards. I hope you feel well enough soon to go spend them!

kristilea said...

How wonderful! I do hope you figure it out. They look like wonderful pieces of clothing!

simplebeauty said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Oh how I miss your creations on your blog. I can NOT wait for you to feel all better, as I'm sure you can't either!!

I keep looking at my sewing machine, and my scrapping stuff and I ache to get my fingers on them. But the weather has been so wonderful, I'm trying to do pilates at least twice a week, and spend time with my Butterfly, and prepping for Butterly's homeschool preschool. She is so excited because I have her little wall all ready to start..... Who-Ray!!

Add the new(again) desire to read until the wee hours of the morning.... Can we have 25 hours in a 24 hour day!

Anyway! These patterns look awesome! I mean AWESOME!!! I can not wait to see some pictures!

God's great blessings to you and your darling family!

PS you got style girl!

Mary Child said...


I'm so glad you got what you wanted and can enjoy a favorite hobby for a bit. We'll all be waiting for the pictures of your always-impressive creations!

And, CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful news! OH BOY, A BOY!!!

It will be so fun for Charlotte to have a little brother (I sure love mine) and for you and Chris to enjoy the experience of raising a boy! And, since your pregnancies are so unpleasant, this may be your last one? Glad you get to experience a girl and a boy, and YAY for Charlotte; she will be the best big sister EVER!!!

Mir said...

I too look forward to seeing what you create Diane!

simplebeauty said...


I love the pockets on the front of my aprons. My only problem is that I forget that i put stuff in them!! I usually figure it out the next time I'm wearing my apron!

I hope you are perking up a bit :O) Are you getting ready for your little boy blue??

Have a great day!

PS I just love this book you got. I keep going back over to the Etsy shopping and dreaming. Then I tell myself I need to actually work on sewing the patterns I've boughten but never worked on ;O)

Jenny said...

What great books! Love the pictures!

Monica said...

I know that you posted this awhile ago, but I too love Japanese pattern books that don't have English. I have run across a couple of sites/blogs that post Japanese character to English translations. I don't have them handy as we have just rebuilt the computer but a quick search for Japanese Sewing Translations should get you something that you could use to go along with pictures.

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